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Thank you for all your hard work. The site looks great! We can’t wait to see where we can take it

Lindsey | Brisbane Qld

On our website development support

u did a great job of the photos on the home page - thanks for that.

Rita | Mt Gravatt Qld

Ray Strachan has a brilliant Content Management System (smartspacehq.com) ...

Rita | Traveston Qld.

I think everything looks great and I have had a lot of comments!

The colours and design look wonderful.

Areti | Clayfield Qld

...and he will look after you and not make you feel like an idiot when once again asking a stupid question

Rita | Traveston Qld

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Current Price List

SmartSpace Price List: Effective January 1 2015 - June 30 2016

This page contains all current prices for SmartSpace website modules, packages and addons.

 A SmartSpace website consists of a number of modules which can be purchased as a package or separately. Read more here about the modules and packages.

  • On sign up, no fees need to be paid and no credit card details are taken
  • Customers have three months to trial and set up their website before any payment is required (if customers want to continue with a website purchase).
  • Professional Graphic Designers have additional time to work on websites
  • The setup fee must be paid before any domain name and email settings are made
  • The annual license fee must be paid before the website can be published or some modules made available
  • The set up fee and the annual license fee can be set up into separate accounts and paid separately
  • No credit card information is taken prior to any account being paid
  • SmartSpace does not hold or have access to any credit card information on any client
  • A configurable Hold Page is automatically enabled so that your web address can offer  some information and a contact form until your website is published
  • If a client chooses not to continue with a website purchase after the trial period the record can be made into a free directory listing


Price per annum (Australian customers pay additional 10% GST) All prices in Australian Dollars

Subscriptions are for a minimum of 12 months except where additional modules are purchased during the subscription period. In that case, subscriptions are charged pro rata so that all subscriptions are renewed together.


Available Modules

Weekly Price 
(SmartSpace mini tab)

Business Basic*


Custom Framework

Content Management

Customer Database Basic

Staff Basic

5 Email Accounts (200mb storage total)



E-Commerce Basic*


Custom Framework


Content Management

Customer Database Basic

Staff Basic

Accounts Basic

5 Email Accounts (500mb storage total)

$4.50 (up to 100 live products)

+$1.50 (up to 300 live products)

+$3.00 (up to 600 live products)

+$4.50 (up to 1200 live products)

Service Pack Basic*


Content Management

Groups Database

Bookings Module

Customer Database Basic

Staff Basic

Accounts Basic

$4.50 (1 bookable resource)


Service Pack Advanced*


Service Pack Basic (package above)

Custom Framework

Membership Module

Accounts Module

$7.50 (1 bookable resource)



* Some Package Elements are subject to the fair use policy. See below for the modules affected


Subscriptions for these modules can be purchased  separately or with the packages above. Modules can be added to existing subscriptions at any time, but the subscription period must last until the next subscription renewal.

Beta modules can be trailed for no charge until the first subscription after they come out of their beta status.


Weekly Price
(SmartSpace Bar)

Custom Framework*

Prerequisites: Content Module





$1.50 - Normal Websites

$2.00 - Mid level multi tiered websites

$3.00 - Top level multi tiered websites


Prerequisites: Content Module

$1.50 - up to 100 active products

+$1.50 - up to 300 active products

+$3.00 - up to 600 active products

+$4.50 - up to 1200 active products

Membership Manager*


$1.50 - Normal Websites

$2.00 - Mid level multi tiered websites

$3.00 - Top level multi tiered websites


Prerequisites: Groups Manager


$1.50 - Module with 1 bookable resource

+ $5.00 - 5 additional resources

+ $15.00 - 20 additional resources

+ $25.00 - 50 additional resources

Groups Manager*

Prerequisites: Content Module or Membership Manager


$1.50 - Normal websites

$2.00 - Mid level multi tiered websites

$3.00 - Top level multi tiered websites

Events Promoter (Beta)*

Prerequisites: Groups Manager




E-Staff (Beta)*




Newsletters (Beta)*

Prerequisites: Content Module

$1.50 (using your own smtp server for emails)

Free whilst in Beta (only basic service available at present)

Accounts (Beta)*

Prerequisites: E-Store Module

This module not yet available

E-Hire (Beta)


 This  module not yet available


Accommodate (Beta)


  This  module not yet available


Promoter (Beta)*

Prerequisites: Groups Manager

Free whilst in Beta (only basic service available at present)

Competition Manager (Beta)*

Prerequisites: Groups Manager

 Free whilst in Beta

* These modules are subject to the fair use policy. See here for more details

Options and Addons

The set up fees are a once only charge payable prior to the set up work being performed. Most other options are payable annually.

Technical Set Up


Site check prior to publication

Intensive support for first 3 months of subscription including 1800 number

Set up full DNS values for domain name

Set up to 5 email addresses with a total of 50mb storage

Set up Google analytics account

Provide SEO report/advice prior to publication

This option must be selected if the  Website Templates module is selected

Customer Data Upload

$120.00 per hour

Have current customer data uploaded into your SmartSpace customer database

Data must be in suitable format (eg .xls, .sql, .dba, .csv etc)

Email 5


Get an extra 5 email accounts plus 500mb of storage

Payable annually

Email Storage 200


Get an Additional 500mb of email storage across your email accounts

Payable annually

Technical Labour

$120.00 per hour

Work done by our specialised technical staff

Content Entry - non technical

$55.00 per hour

Work done by our content specialists

SEO based Writing and Content Entry

$70.00 per hour

Work done by our SEO specialists


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