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Smartspace Articles Redirect

Smartspace allows you to redirect links and content to custom URLs through article menus. Using this system, it enables you to create simple, but effective menus and content using the articles system.

When a simple URL appears as the first content in an article, that articles title will link to the text link that is in the article and not to the article itself.

This can be used for two main purposes:

  1. Use the redirects to create menus and archives of uploaded documents (usually pdf format)
  2. Create cross links to semi related content using the automatically created menus.

Simple Article or Webpage Link

  • To link to a simple URL navigate to Content Manager > Selected Content Category > Create a New Post
  • Simply type (or paste)  the URL into the first line of the Article
    • Make sure that the text is NOT inserted as a link - it must be plain text
      • If it is a link, right click on the text
      • Select Unlink
  • Publish the Article

Upload and Link to a Document

Please note: You should only link to PDF documents on a website, as it is, in practical terms, the only universal web friendly document format, for a stand alone file

  • Navigate to Content Manager > Selected Content Category > Create a New Post
  • Click on the Chain (Link) icon in the format toolbar
  • Click Browse Server
  • Select the required Directory or Subdirectory under the Folders heading
  • If you need to create a new subdirectory, right click on the parent directory and select New Subfolder
  • Create as Required
  • Click on the selected folder/subfolder where you want the uploaded file to reside
    • Click the Upload (icon) > Add Files (right button)
    • Select the file on your computer then click Open
    • Click the Upload button (right) and wait for the file to upload
    • Double Click the file > OK
  • The files should now be on the editing area as a link
    • Remove the link by right clicking the text, then select Unlink
  • At this point the URL will point to the Smartspace static file server (smartandstatic.com)
    • It will be served perfectly well on this site, but you may wish to serve it through your own domain name
    • If so replace smartandstatic.com/[yourdirectoryname] with [yourwebsitename]
  • Publish the Article
  • Test the link to ensure it works properly when viewed in the webpage
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